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In God’s Grace…. May 13, 2010

Filed under: Life Updates — caperry5 @ 2:43 pm

We talked a few posts back about grace, particularly God’s grace. Grace is getting something that I totally don’t deserve. I don’t deserve forgiveness for the multiple ways I sin against my savior. I don’t deserve the spiritual blessings that are mine in Christ! I don’t deserve any semblance of joy in my life. I don’t deserve such a great, faithful husband. I don’t deserve my amazing little boy. Yet, I have a gracious God who has given me all of these things. Well, in God’s grace he has given us more blessings. Not only has the Lord provided a new job for Chris (one that looks like it will be a good job), but he has also provided a great blessing in the area of Chris going back to graduate school. He has this week been selected as one of the graduate assistants at Baptist Bible College and the payment for those services come in the form of tuition at the graduate school. We are thrilled with this opportunity, as Chris finishing his Master’s Degree was one of the main reasons we moved back to the Springfield area. For a variety of reasons going back to school has not been possible yet, but now, in God’s mercy it most certainly is and we are so thankful for the opportunity! I’ve included a picture of Landon swinging as well just for fun. He loves to play outside!


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