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Day 22-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For… November 22, 2011

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Today, I am acutely aware of God’s grace. Some days you just feel the weight of your sin more than others and for some reason today is one of those days. It’s a day not much different than others, but God’s grace is on my mind, and I am so thankful for it.


Day 21-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For…

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I am thankful for my education, particularly, my graduate work. When I started out in college as a 17 year girl, bright eyed, with the world at her fingertips, really… I had no idea what I was doing, what I was getting myself into if you will. Looking back, I would have done things differently. However, I say that, knowing full well that I have thus far lived out God’s plan for me, in every minute detail. And He had (and has) a plan in mind that is exactly what I need to grow in sanctification. I can clearly see how he has used undergrad to get me to grad school, and grad school caused a dramatic shift in my perspective that I’ll always be incredibly thankful for. It was there that I came to understand the full sufficiency of Scripture, that the root of ME is my heart… my desires, longings, dreams, etc. and that my heart dictates how I live the rest of life. I have to continually refocus my heart on Jesus Christ and His gospel, making him my greatest desire. It changed how I relate to people, how my husband and I interact with each other, and really just the foundation of how I think about life and Scripture. For those things I am tremendously thankful. My walk with the Lord and understanding of His word is deeper today than it would have been without those things that I learned.


Day 20-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For…

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I am so thankful for family time. Maybe I cherish it more because I’m not with my kids all day every day and my husband seems to have to work a lot lately, but our times together are so sweet and I am so thankful to have them. I pray that our kids remember them well and that as they get older…. and will remember more of their childhood… we can make good use of our times together and make memories that will last a lifetime, and create teaching opportunities that will draw them to the gospel. I love our little family that God has blessed us with and I just want to cherish every minute together!


Day 19-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For…

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I am so thankful for some Godly girls who watch my kids while I work. The fact that I work is a whole other conversation…. but since I have to work right now and can’t be with my kids 24/7, having someone with them who cares for them the way I want them to be cared for makes working SO much easier for me. God has blessed us with some friends who care for our kids (mainly Kelli but a few others who are ‘back ups’) and I’m just SO thankful for them. I really can’t say it enough. They are a huge blessing. I couldn’t do this without them! THANK YOU!


Day 18-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For… November 21, 2011

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I am thankful for our house. This is the house I’ve lived in the longest since I moved out and went to college. It’s been a good little house for us. And it worked out so well that all my decorations and stuff from our last house worked really well, maybe even better, in it. I’m thankful that it’s warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Important stuff :) It’s the first house our kids lived in, so it will always be one that we cherish.


Day 17-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For…

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I am incredibly thankful for our car. Well, our Ford Escape. For some reason I have always had piece of junk cars. For as long as I can remember I had an old car that seemed to be falling a part. And it has always been an old ‘luxury’ car. Leather seats, and fancy stuff in it from when it came out, but all the same, it was old and falling apart. Once we bought a car that was only 4 years old…. and the engine went out on it twice. We are cursed if you will with cars. I have had 5 engines go out on me in my 14 years of driving. (none of which were caused by anything I did btw.) It’s rediculous. For a long time we only had one car. And an old one at that. Finally last spring we got a Ford Escape. It’s not new, but it’s new to me and so far it runs great. And it has a sunroof. And the kids’ car seats match the grey leather seats. I like all those things. I love driving it. And I’m thankful for it!


Day 16-Today. I. Am. Thankful. For…

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I am thankful for my husband’s job. Chris’ career has been an interesting ride since we got married. When we got engaged (and married), Chris was a youth pastor. We spent 3 years living out our dreams in the ministry. We loved ministering to those teenagers. I still love to hear from them (hint, hint to any that read this :) That season of our lives taught us many things and eventually lead us out of that particular role and we moved back to where we live now so that Chris could further his education. Since then he’s worked 3 different jobs-one on the overnight shift (I didn’t like that), one working for a horrible boss (I really didn’t like that), and now the work he does at the bank. I’m thankful that overall he enjoys his job. It’s hard at times, and requires a lot of hours, and we certainly aren’t wealthy. But it provides for our family and he works hard at it. And he’s pretty good at it. And he looks hot when he leaves for work each day all dressed us. I like that part a lot, especially when he wears his glasses :). Seriously, though… it’s a good job, career even, and I’m thankful that God brought it to us when we needed it.  I look forward to seeing where God takes us in the future, as far as work for Chris, but right now, I’m thankful for where he has him.


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