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Days 2 & 3. Today. I. Am. Thankful. For… November 3, 2011

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Fall is hands down the best time of year in my book. I. Love. The. Weather. Overnight, cool air moved in and I for one am rejoicing. It makes me want to go running. Not badly enough to actually make time to go today, but I want to (And that’s the first step toward actually doing it, right?!). October is a great month, but I love that it’s followed by November which is the 2nd most cozy month (the first of course being December…. because Christmas is in December, duh). November begins the Holiday season, a time when our hearts are filled with the warmth of the season and I’m glad that we start this whole time off with actually giving thanks. We have SO much to be thankful for. Then it progresses to the birth of Christ, our savior, the only hope we have, the ransom for our sins. And again, we have the opportunity to just be thankful, filled to the brim with gratitude. And then we start a new year. A new year full of new hopes and dreams. It’s just a nice progression. So today, I’m going to be thankful for this season. A time when we as a society, and particularly as Christians are moved towards gratitude, moved towards Christ, moved towards new beginnings. It’s just plain nice and full of hope. Full of Christ who is our only hope.


Because I missed posting yesterday I’m thankful for two things today! Not only am I thankful for the season, I’m thankful for what it points to….  God. He is constant. He is my savior. As I said before, he is the ransom for my sins. He is the everlasting one. He is so completely sovereign. I’ll probably be thankful for some aspect of His being later in the month, but for today, I am just so thankful for Him, and that I’m His. The fact that He adopted me and made me his daughter floors me on a daily basis. He’s the one I’ll never get over, for all of eternity. God, thank you for making me yours.


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