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Christmas! January 13, 2012

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The Perry’s had a fantastic Christmas this year, spent in the area where I grew up. We arrived at my sister’s apartment late Christmas Eve and were greeted by one of my brother’s and two of my sisters! Merry Christmas!

Christmas day was a great day. It started a little rough. The kids were tired from traveling so late the night before and there were more than a few tears shed while opening their presents. We made it through though and got ready for the day. We stopped by my step-dad’s mom’s house to see that side of the family, then made our way to my Grandma and Papa’s farm in Clifton, IL. This Christmas all 6 of their grandkids were there for the first time in many years. I could tell they were very pleased to have us all there and it was great to spend time with my siblings! Wish I would’ve gotten a group picture :(

The kids first thing Christmas morning

I have always loved my Gramma's all white and gold Christmas tree. It's perfect for her old Victorian Country House. Landon loved playing by it.

I loved this one of my sisters laughing at dinner... and Landon with his tongue out. It's all very typical!

Landon loves my sister whom he loves to call 'Cha Chi'!

In the days following Christmas we were able to spend time with family and took our regular trip downtown with my Grandma to see the Christmas windows and lights. We have been doing this since I was a young girl with her and I loved that she came with us again! Landon and Laikyn were INCREDIBLE! They were so good all day and loved seeing all the sights. We rode the train downtown from the south suburbs and got off at Millennium park. I’m pretty sure that riding the train was the highlight of Landon’s life. He loved every second! We walked north and got a cupcake at Sprinkles then made our way to Navy Pier. By now it was dark and FREEZING. The kids did so great though. Inside Navy Pier Landon found a smaller train and insisted on riding ‘Thomas.’ Highlight of his day number 2 :) By then we were starving and I was bound and determined to get some good Chicago deep dish pizza. So we headed toward Giordano’s on Michigan Ave, just a few blocks from our train. All I can say is Yummy Goodness. It’s my favorite thing to put in my mouth. All in all, FANTASTIC day :)

Pure Excitement on the Train!

Family Pic at Millennium Park


Group shot of Gramma and her grandkids (Sad Brooke couldn't be there that day :( )


My brother was great with the stroller... see Landon fell asleep :)


By the "Thomas" train at Navy Pier.... again, pure excitement!





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