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Quotable Wednesday-May 23, 2012 May 23, 2012

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I’ve been reading Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey. It’s  SO good. Here’s a few thoughts that have stuck with me this past week:

Sometimes God brings our dreams to life; sometimes he doesn’t. But how we respond to his work becomes an important intersection for change in our lives. As we cooperate with him, we discover that it’s not ultimately about nailing the promotion, or raising well-behaved kids, or winning the Daytona 500–as good as all those things may be. It’s about something much bigger; how I become like Christ while I pursue those dreams.

Do you understand your relationship with God that way? He doesn’t need us to get things done, but he delights to use us, so he must shape us for his service. That’s exactly what creates godly ambition–the activity of God in us and around us to ultimately work through us. (pg. 70)

This has stuck with me. It’s not about the WHAT that I do, but rather the WHO I am becoming. God will use me in His timing. I just need to daily be faithful.

How we live when ambitions are delayed significantly shapes who we become. God uses the wait to teach us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling.  (pg. 71)

What a great reminder. I feel like we’ve been in a waiting pattern for several years now watching our friends doing what we wanted to do but not being ready for it ourselves yet. Hard to explain. We’re willing and God hasn’t taken us there yet. I hope that through our waiting God is teaching us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling.

We find no peace in life until we’re conviced our path is his way and our place is his choice. That’s so important it’s worth repeating: your place is his choice. Fences and all. (pg. 79)

My place is HIS choice… even if I feel like I’m living inside of a small fenced in yard. That alone brings such comfort and is a great reminder!

If our understanding of doctrine creates passivity toward God’s empowering presence or cools the hot embers of our ambition, we’ve misunderstood God’s sovereignty. When we rightly understand God’s caring control over all things, that knowledge should ignite robust faith toward him and bold desire to act in our hearts. We see God more clearly so our ambition can reach further. (pg. 85)

I want my strong faith in God’s sovereignty to cause me to be very ambitions for His glory.

John Piper emphasizes that inherent in who God reveals himself to be is what God promises to do: “God is real. God is a rewarder.” A significant part of faith is the confidence that god responds to faith. (pg. 93).

God rewards faith. I pray my faith would get bigger.

Today ambitionless Larry is ambassador Larry. But to get there, he faithfully served where he was, trusted God with his amtion… and patiently waited.

Selfish ambition would insist, “I have a right to do this. I need it. This fulfills me.” Ambition rooted in God says, “I don’t need it; instead I’ll serve wherever and however I can. This glorifies God.” (Pg. 95)

This guy’s story was great. He has some unfilled longings and desires. But instead of selfishly seeking after them he was faithful where God put him. And God, in his kindness, let Larry enjoy some of those desires later on in life. This encourages me to keep pressing on faithfully where God has placed me in our circumstances and to  give everything I have to the tasks He’s put in front of me, whether or not other desires ever get fulfilled.


This has been a great read so far. I highly recommend it!


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