Strong Women

Where I share what I'm learning from God's Word and how I'm growing in Biblical Womanhood

Author Info June 30, 2009

My name is Abbie. I am a lover of Christ, wife to my best friend, mom to the 2 cutest kids ever (sorry it’s true!).

A few important things to know about me:
I’m super short… not quite 5 ft tall.
I adore deep dish Chicago style pizza, preferably with broccoli in it from Edwardo’s!
I love the city, but live in a small town.
My son cracks me up all the time! I love that he’ll still cuddle with me and that’s he’s obsessed with Zorro.
I love having a daughter. We’re already best friends. I can’t wait for all of our girly conversations in the years to come.
I have an iced coffee every morning.
Rainy days are my favorite days.
I much prefer to be cold over being hot, but my favorite season is Fall… crisp, cool weather is fantastic!

I started this blog mainly for myself, to log my journey in sanctification through the study of God’s Word and it’s application my life. Perhaps it will spur on others to study God’s Word for themselves and put it into practice. And if so… to God’s glory.



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